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Seasonal Herbs available at your local Garden Center - click here for a list of stockist.

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Herb seedlings available in 6 packs for mass planting - great value.

Healthy Living HerbsStandard Range
Established herbs in 12cm pots for quick growing results.

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Ready to harvest herbs in 17cm pots - ideal for that instant look.

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5 Reasons to love Comfrey

A Herb to love

1. Comfrey is high in allantion, which increases cell production helping wounds to heal faster.

2. Comfrey salves are recommended by herbalists to heal bruises and fractures.

3. Comfrey grows fast and can be harvested up to 4 times in growing season.

4. Comfrey coats and soothes irritated tissue.

5. Comfrey is a fantastic compost activator.

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Beetroot and Herb Soup with Goat's Cheese

This easy soup is a must try.

Make it in summer or winter and serve it either hot or cold. This soup is not only colourful and easy but loaded with benefits.

Beetroot: Contains magnesium, Iron and Vitamin A, B6 and C
Chives: Low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals
Mint: High antioxidant qualities
Goat's cheese: A good source of calcium, protein and vitamin A and K.

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Globe artichoke

Globe Artichoke

So much more than a gourmet food; they are a powerful detoxing herb too.

As a vegetable globe artichokes (Cynarascolymus) are considered a gourmet delicacy.
As a garden plant, the spiky silvery green foliage as well as the electric blue flower spikes are striking and unusually beautiful.

But as a herb, would you guess that it is one of the most effective and far reaching natural liver tonics that one can grow?

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