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The name in herbs to be trusted for the best results. Follow our easy growing plans and tips, and you and your family will surely enjoy the benefits of freshly and naturally grown herbs in your daily life. Seasonal Herbs available at your local Garden Center.

Winter Health with Herbs & Spices


Use your herbs and spices regularly as winter approaches to boost and strengthen your immune system.
Enjoy making the remedies / products to take home with you at the end of this workshop

  • When: Thursday 8th June 2017 from 9H00 – 12H00
  • Where: The Herb Café (click for map)
  • Fee: R300 – includes presentation, recipes, products made and a delicious Herb Café tea.

Book Now with Janet:

More about Janet Visée - The workshop presenter

Janet Visée  was the chairperson of The Herb Association.
Her passion is to share the knowledge she has and to teach people about the innate wisdom of plants and the natural ways to help ourselves.
Janet continually keeps abreast for new research and the latest developments in the field of Aromatic Chemistry, Pharmacy and Herbalism.
She is a Natural Health Practitioner, a Therapeutic Aromatherapist and Professional Astrologer.

Experience and learn more about Herbs

A unique opportunity to walk through beautiful Herb Gardens, to see, touch and experience Herbs with all your senses.

The Herb Farm is the largest Herb Garden in South Africa and features the following themed Gardens:

  • Spiral Herb Garden - a unique labyrinth based on colour, aroma and herb therapy - a walk that will balance body, mind and spirit
  • Indigenous Herb Garden - features herbal plants indigenous to South Africa
  • Container Herb Garden - an idea of a herbal garden for small spaces
  • Educational Herb & Vegetable Garden - themed to showcase the different uses and applications for herbs; companion planting principals to illustrate organic gardening
  • Rose Garden - all scented roses so that you can literally take some time to smell the roses 

Visit The Herb Farm on Sundays between 09:00 to 16:00

Delicious refreshments are available at The Herb Cafe


Free Entrance


Broccoli Zamboni

Why grow Broccoli Zamboni?

Three very good reasons to grow this Heirloom veggie in your own garden.

A nutritional Superfood that is easy to grow and deliver high yields.

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Picnic with Herbs

-- With warm, sunny days it is a perfect time to plan a picnic for friends and family that makes the most of all the herbs that are in abundance right now

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--  Basil tops the list of must-grow culinary herbs for summer and it is not hard to find 10 good reasons to grow it!
-- For a start there are at least 10 different varieties of basil and each has something to recommend it.

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Did you know? Lemon Verbena

-- It has calming and digestive properties but also acts as a tonic that helps to lift the spirits and counter depression.

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