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Seasonal Herbs available at your local Garden Center - click here for a list of stockist.

The Biggest Herbal Event of 2015:

The Herbal Happening is making its return after 5 years due to an overwhelming request from the public to host this event and make the unique gardens available to visit. This event creates the opportunity for all people that loves gardening, herbs and vegetable growing to come together and share their passion and be inspired.

Herb Happening 2015 Intro  Herb Happening 2015 Activities  Herb Happening 2015 Images

Venue: The Herb Farm - Plot 264 Summit rd. (R562), Midrand, Johannesburg   Map_Dir_Button

Click here for Full program of events, speakers and other activities.

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Sweet On Basil

-- Basil is most associated with Italian and Thai cooking and goes particularly well with tomatoes.

-- It is also the main ingredient of pesto.

A good way to preserve extra basil is to blend the basil, olive oil and pine/almond nuts and freeze it, omitting the parmesan cheese which is added later.

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5 Reasons to love Comfrey:

1. Comfrey is high in allantion, which increases cell production helping wounds to heal faster.

2. Comfrey salves are recommended by herbalists to heal bruises and fractures.

3. Comfrey grows fast and can be harvested up to 4 times in growing season.

4. Comfrey coats and soothes irritated tissue.

5. Comfrey is a fantastic compost activator.

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This easy soup is a must try.

Make it in summer or winter and serve it either hot or cold. This soup is not only colourful and easy but loaded with benefits.

Beetroot: Contains magnesium, Iron and Vitamin A, B6 and C
Chives: Low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals
Mint: High antioxidant qualities
Goat's cheese: A good source of calcium, protein and vitamin A and K.

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