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The name in herbs to be trusted for the best results. Follow our easy growing plans and tips, and you and your family will surely enjoy the benefits of freshly and naturally grown herbs in your daily life. Information cards that highlight the most popular use of the herb will help you to make the correct choice. * Value Pack Range: herb seedlings available in 6 packs for mass planting - great value. * Standard Range: established herbs in 12cm pots for quick growing results. * Premium Range: ready to harvest herbs in 17cm pots - ideal for that instant look.

Seasonal Herbs available at your local Garden Center - click here for a list of stockist.

Fragrance adds another dimension to the herb garden and multiplies the pleasure of growing herbs. Aromatic plants, like lavender, rosemary, lemon verbena and scented geraniums, need to be touched to release their fragrance so they can be used as borders, along paths, in containers, or next to benches where you can easily brush against them or rub the leaves with your fingers.
Rose Scented Geranium is an attractive, mediums sized bushy shrub that has small mauve flowers in summer. It is evergreen and frost tolerant. The leaves have a strong rose fragrance that can be added to bath water, infused as a mild astringent and included in potpourri and pillows for a relaxing and soothing lemon-rose fragrance.
It grows best in full sun but tolerates light shade. It grows easily in any soil that drains well and compost should be added before planting. It also performs well in a container.
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Pest Control with Tansy

Pest Control with Tansy Strong smelling tansy is a must have in the organic garden to act as a natural insect repellent. In the Middle Ages dried tansy was one of the “strewing herbs” scattered across floors to keep pests away. Housewives also hung it from rafters, packed it between bed sheets and mattresses, and […]


How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea

                                                Ingredients: • Finely cut Fresh or Dried Herbs from your Garden, • A Plunger • Boiling Water     STEP 1: • Use a total of • 1 teaspoon dried , or • 2 teaspoons fresh herbs per cup boiling water. • Place the herb or a combination of different herbs in the plunger. […]


Flea Repellant

Flea repellent Make herbal powders using combinations of the following herbs: rosemary, lavender, southernwood, lemon verbena, catnip, basil, lemon grass, citronella pelargonium, marigold and the passion-fruit plant. Herbs love being trimmed, so cut them regularly, and dry them out of the sun, in your garage or pantry, layered on paper, or by hanging in bunches. […]


Oriental Vegetables

Oriental Vegetables It is the ideal time to add some Oriental vegetables to the veggie and herb garden. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural fiber that will help to give you a natural feeling of vitality and energy. Fresh, unprocessed vegetables are low in sodium and can help to reduce weight gain due […]


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