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Join Healthy Living Herbs at Hecker Nursery's "Grow to Eat" Festival from the 7th to 15th of October 2017 where they will showcase all aspects of food gardening!

Discover a world of “How to Grow to Eat” from your garden by learning more about topics such as sowing seed, growing fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and much more.
They have great Guest Speakers lined up to show you how to grow and use your own healthy homegrown food.

Whether you are an experienced food gardener or just beginning to dip your toes into the ocean of delicious self-sufficiency, there will be something for you!

 Grow to Eat Festival Info



Grow to Eat Festival Info

Grow Thyme in a Pot

Contain Thyme

Thyme is such a versatile herb in the kitchen that everybody should have fresh Thyme available at all times.

Have you considered combining different Thyme varieties with you favourite ornamental? We suggest you combine the following into a large bowl (min. 30cm wide) to ensure ample space for all the plants to grow to their full potential:

In the center:
- Ivy Geranium for its beautiful flowers and all season colour,
- It also has the same sun and water requirements as Thyme, therefore they will happily grow together in the same bowl.

On the side:
- Common Thyme
- Lemon Thyme,
- Silver Thyme,
- French Thyme

These are the best culinary thyme varieties that you can use to flavour many different dishes.

Place your Thyme bowl in a position where it gets at least 4 hours direct sun.

Read more about Thyme, its properties and how to use it.

Our Beloved Tomatoes.

A tripod erected for tomatoes. On the 2 back ends of the tripod Heinz and Red Khaki large tomatoes planted.

In the front cherry tomatoes enabling air circulation and allowing to pick the inner tomatoes.

Green and Opal Basil planted as insect repellent and to bring variations in pesto making.
They also enhance the flavour of tomatoes.

Garlic chives add to the insect repellent properties while marigolds help in deterring root-knot nematodes.

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