Asparagus – The supreme vegetable

Asparagus – The Supreme Vegetable
• When the Roman emperor Augustus wanted something done quickly he commanded it to be done “citius quam asparagi coquintur” (quicker than you can cook asparagus). This admonition from Augustus describes for us the manner in which most asparagus aficionados believe asparagus should be cooked: the quicker the better. There is nothing quite like a fresh bunch of plump, straight stalks with flower buds tightly closed, right out of the garden and into boiling water. Cooked al dente, seasoned with salt and fresh cracked black pepper, and coated lightly with melted butter, it’s no wonder that asparagus has enjoyed such a long and noble history,
• Asparagus was actually a medicine long before it was considered a food. Galen, a Greek Physician, described it as “heating, cleansing, and desicative. It relieves inflammation of the stomach, relaxes the bowels, makes urine, and helps the weak. It removes obstruction of the liver and kidneys.” A variety of medicinal concoctions were produced from the sprouts, stems, roots and seeds of asparagus.
• Apart from its medicinal value it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

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