Benefits of gardening

Benefits of Gardening
Celebrate World Environment Day  by reflecting on the benefits of gardening:
• The relationship that develops, between plants, and people, and the basic human need of watching things grow, creates a sense of excitement. In many cases it becomes a source of therapy for people with emotional problems.
• Growing your own organic vegetable garden teaches discipline, responsibility and patience.
• Gardening gives you a sense of accomplishment and independence, as well as a closer relationship with nature that working with soil and its produce so often provide.
• Gardening is a great source of exercise, fresh air and it helps transport you away from every day stresses of life, helping you to relax and appreciate the natural environment around you.
• While working in your garden the hustles and bustles of the day just pass you by like a warm summer breeze, refreshing and re-energizing your whole body.
• Having your own garden and taking care of your own garden lets you focus on something you enjoy, knowing that what went into your soil was all natural and free of pesticides.
• These home grown vegetables just picked from your garden will arrive on your table fresh and tastier than the produce that is often days older found on the shelves of food stores.
• We cannot ignore the fact that, in most cases, the produce you buy in most food stores is more expensive then what it would cost you to grow your own vegetables, which when harvested, is a much better product.
• The satisfaction of knowing these vegetables that you have grown yourself provide a healthier more nutritious diet for mind, body and soul.
• Rewards of a bountiful harvest of vegetables from your garden is something you can expect in return for your hard work and labour of nurturing your garden from your first day of planting.
• In the past gardening was necessary for survival. Now it is more of a hobby, a great source of exercise, and a sense of accomplishment that only helps to create a healthier more satisfying life.
• Source: Backyard-Gardening

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