Cancer Bush


Sutherlandia frutescens / Lessertia frutescens

Fall in love with this showy and very popular indigenous plant.

The silvery-grey leaves and loose clusters of luminous coral-red pea-shaped flowers appearing in spring to mid-summer makes it a very attractive garden subject.

Traditional Use:
Sutherlandia, or also more commonly known as the Cancer Bush, has a rich history of being used as a traditional medicine in South Africa. Even today, it is widely used and very popular as a natural medicine to improve conditions relating to the immune system and inflammatory conditions.

A Tonic:
It can be described as a Tonic for the body, bringing balance and optimal function where required.

Tonic herbs are used to nourish, tone and restore the organ systems of the body, encouraging them to perform at their innate capacity and function.

The long list of benefits that has traditionally and historically been associated with Sutherlandii includes, but not limited, to the treatment of skin conditions and inflammation, cancer, fevers, diabetes, kidney & liver problems, rheumatism and stomach ailments.
It may also relieve symptoms associated with a modern lifestyle such as depression and stress.

Truly a herb that is worth taking to balance and restore health and wellbeing.