Tussie Mussie

Winter Herbs

Winter Herbs These can be added to a winter feast bouquet, tucked into napkin rings, added to sprays on side tables and tucked into the ribbons tied on presents as extra gifts from the garden. • Rosemary represents remembrance for special friends. • Lavender is a fragrant scent of the sweetness of life. • Marjoram […]


How to Make a Living Herb Wreath

How to Make a Living Herb Wreath Material: • Wire Wreath Frame • Garden Shears • Live Herb Plants • Sphagnum Moss • Florist Wire Soak sphagnum moss in a bucket until it is moist. Cover the wreath frame with the sphagnum moss. Select perennial herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, sage or tarragon. […]


Herbal Dryer Sachets

Herbal Dryer Sachets Dryer sachets are sealed fabric pouches filled with dried herbs and flowers and scented with essential oils that you throw in the dryer with each load. The heat and movement from the dryer releases the fragrances from the herbs and oils, leaving leaves your clothes with a lasting, gentle aroma. Dryer sachets […]


Herbal foot soak

How often do you take time out to pamper your hot, achy and tired feet? Easy to do and highly rewarding, this is what you will need: • About 10 litres of hot water – not boiling, you must be able to comfortably keep your feet in it, • ½ cup Epson Salts, • A […]


Herb Focus – Lemon Balm

Herb focus: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) This is an amazing multipurpose herb. Besides its cleansing and tonic actions, Lemon Balm is a stress relieving herb that lifts the spirits, reduces anxiety and depression, relieves indigestion which usually accompanies stress, and is supposed to encourage a clear head. Lemon Balm does not dry or store well […]


Herbal foot soak

Herbal foot soak If you feel run down and tired, give yourself a treat with a herbal foot soak. It is easy and quick to prepare with beneficial results. Enjoy a cup of your favourite herbal tea while you are soaking your feet to get double the value from your pampering time. • 4 cups […]


Healthy Offices

Healthy Offices Aromatherapy can be very beneficial for people in air-conditioned offices with inadequate airflow. A unique blend of Essential Oils, beneficial for the Office environment, has been chosen for its antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral properties. • Niaouli: Assists with problems such as asthma, bronchitis, flu, laryngitis, sinusitis, irritability, frustration, lethargy, discouragement and forgetfulness. […]


Aromatherapy from the garden

Aromatherapy from the garden Take a stroll through your herb garden, touch and smell the herbs for a natural balancing and de-stress affect after a tough day. As you walk through the garden, pick some of the herbs which fragrance you feel attracted to and place it in a small stringed bag. Later in the […]

Tropical Fragrance

Tropical Fragrance Be swept away to sunny beaches, tropical palms and sweet pineapple drinks when you enjoy the intense fragrance of the Passion Fruit Daisy, Pineapple Mint and Pineapple Sage. Pick a few fresh leaves of each herb and mix it all together in a bowl to create a natural air freshener. When you remember, […]