Ideas to go Organic in Your Garden

Some ideas to go organic in your garden: • Play to your garden’s strength, making the most of its particular characteristics and using plants that will thrive in those conditions, • Make compost and leaf mould to feed the soil, • Learn to distinguish pests from predators. Plants that are struggling to grow will benefit […]



Earthworms Do you want more natural diggers in your garden – composting and mulching will increase the natural indigenous earthworm population and will aerate the soil as they burrow through it, allowing precious oxygen and water to reach the roots of your lovingly planted herbs, veggies, flowers and shrubs. What more can earthworms do for […]


Shade Gardening

Shade Gardening Living in build-up areas presents its own challenges to growing fresh herbs and vegetables. For many gardeners, the optimum conditions most vegetables and herbs prefer—eight to 10 hours of full sun—just aren’t possible. This can be due to trees or shadows from nearby buildings. Luckily, shade doesn’t have to prohibit gardeners from growing […]


Nitrogen deficiency

Nitrogen deficiency The problem: The older leaves of Parsley, Basil, Rocket and Coriander turns yellow and the growth looks stunted. The reason: Under nitrogen deficiency, the older mature leaves gradually change from their normal characteristic green appearance to a much paler green. As the deficiency progresses these older leaves become uniformly yellow (chlorotic). Leaves approach […]


Herbs to Compliment Strawberries

Herbs to compliment Strawberries Other than mint, as you thought, my first suggestion would be ginger. The sweet of the strawberry would work very well with the sharp bite of ginger – perhaps candied ginger with strawberries in the yogurt? In addition to mint, you may also consider complementary herbs such as lavender, tarragon, rosemary, […]


Get your kids involved in the garden

Get your kids involved in the garden! Summer holiday is just around the corner and a good time to get the kids involved in their own veggie patch with sweetcorn, beans, peas and cherry tomatoes. Do a chess board pattern with blocks 30cm x 30cm and plant one plant in every “white” square, using the […]


A Glass of Milk for your Garden

A Glass of Milk for your Garden Some organic gardeners have been using milk as a fungal control for decades, but it has only been in recent years that it has been looked at seriously as an effective and safe control of powdery mildew on some garden plants. University of Adelaide research is exploring its […]


Improve your soil

Improve your soil The biggest secret in successful gardening? The soil condition. The better the soil, the better the root system and then you get the best foliage, flowers and fruit! Take the time now to get the soil prepared and you will reap the rewards during the coming growing season. Consider the following benefits […]


Growing Healthy Herbs

Growing healthy herbs To grow herbs successfully , in the garden and in containers , there are three points to attend to: 1. A Sunny position, 2. Well drained, composted soil, 3. Organic fertiliser. The aim of giving the correct growing conditions is to produce a plant that is: • More resistant to fungal diseases […]

Sunflower pots

Don’t Bite More than You can Swallow…

Don’t Bite More than You can Swallow… One very important principle is to only make your garden as big as you are able to still enjoy it. Nothing kills enthusiasm like failure. Start out by planting a small area or a few pots and as you get more familiar with everything, then expand and add […]