Bon appétit – Artichokes are the gourmet herb for the good life

As a vegetable globe artichokes (Cynarascolymus) are considered a gourmet delicacy. As a garden plant, the spiky silvery green foliage is striking and unusually beautiful. But as a herb, would you guess that it is one of the most effective and far reaching natural liver tonics that one can grow? The most effective part of […]

Healthy Herbs For Winter

Healthy Herbs for winter Herbs are a comforting presence in winter. It most likely has to do with the fact that they have been used for centuries to relieve all kinds of ailments, especially for those related to winter chills and ills. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is the prince among winter healing herbs. It strengthens the […]

Herbs For Autumn Allergies

Herbs for autumn allergies Autumn is the season of allergies, with its abundance of pollen, dust and seed. While the “fruits” of the garden can make us miserable, there are also plants that offer a solution for the ills. Natures supplies what you need, when you need it. Common garden herbs like thyme, sage and […]


We can’t Control the Weather but We can Protect Our Bodies

We can’t Control the Weather, but We can Protect Our Bodies The last quarter of the Lunar Phase benefits the digestive system and it is therefore ideal to take some herbs and food that will optimize its function. Drink mint tea that soothes digestion problems and enjoy some papaya that contains enzymes that is beneficial […]


A little Chillie is good for you

A Little Chilli is Good for You During the second quarter Lunar Phase, include some stimulating Chillies in your diet. Sprinkle them chopped on salads, pastas and for some hot and spicy dips for raw vegetables. Chillies increases circulation and the metabolism and may help to reduces pain. It also stimulates the brain to excrete […]


Tonic Herbs

Tonic Herbs Herb gardening is all about growing your own organic medicine. Time to make use of some tonic herbs to strengthen the immune system and to bring balance. Parsley is still a great tonic, supplying nutrients that maybe beneficial for conditions such as anaemia, indigestion, water retention and fatigue. 3 reasons to grow Pennywort […]


Oriental Vegetables

Oriental Vegetables It is the ideal time to add some Oriental vegetables to the veggie and herb garden. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural fiber that will help to give you a natural feeling of vitality and energy. Fresh, unprocessed vegetables are low in sodium and can help to reduce weight gain due […]


Colds and Flu

Colds and Flu The time to treat a cold is when you don’t have it! Prevention is always better than cure. However the same herbs that keep colds and flu at bay, will also help you get rid of it faster. Sage is a traditional remedy of long standing for soothing sore throats as it […]


Asparagus – The supreme vegetable

Asparagus – The Supreme Vegetable • When the Roman emperor Augustus wanted something done quickly he commanded it to be done “citius quam asparagi coquintur” (quicker than you can cook asparagus). This admonition from Augustus describes for us the manner in which most asparagus aficionados believe asparagus should be cooked: the quicker the better. There […]


Herbs for kidney cleanse

Herbs for Kidney cleanse Most of the time we hear the popular trend of using liver herbs to cleanse and detox the body and not often about balancing the kidney function to maintain optimum health. Some of the important functions of the kidneys include: 1. Eliminating by-products of protein metabolism that include ammonia and urea, […]