Curry Scented Plant

Crush the grey leaves and you will be surprised by the strong scent of curry. With it's button-like yellow flowers in spring, it is a great addition in the garden for areas that are a bit more sunny, hot and dry. It attracts beneficial insects that may provide a long-term sustainable pest control solution by preying on the bugs that do a great deal of damage to your garden plants.

Although it distinctively smells of curry when you crush the leaves, this is not where Curry Seasoning comes from. Traditional Curry powder is a blend of many different herbs and spices, and differs between regions and cultures.

When the Curry Scented Bush is associated with food it is used sparingly, only a few sprigs, to infuse its own unique flavour - you will have to venture on this journey to see if it adds the flavour you want to your favourite dishes.

The flowers apparently taste like Blue Cheese and can be sprinkled sparingly over salads and dishes where you may enjoy this additional strong flavour.

Curry plant

Curry plant

Curry plant

Curry plant

Silver-grey leaves with distinct curry smell, with mustard yellow flowers in summer. Compact growth makes this plant ideal for edging.



In the garden:

Growth Characteristics:
• Hardy, evergreen perennial.

• H: 60cm W: 40cm

• Full sun
• Well-drained soil

• Pick the flowers when fully opened to dry in summer.
• Pick leaves fresh at any time for using fresh


Culinary use:

Use the leaves:
• The leaves smell stronger than it tastes.
• The leave can be used in:
• Vegetables, rice dishes, mild curry dishes, stuffed chicken with Tarragon.
• Remove the leaves before serving.



• The yellow flower gives a great colour and smell to pot pourii