When you fall in love with the complex, unique and warming taste of Dill, you will make any excuse to use it ! Use the fresh leaves from your garden for the best taste experience. It is a classic herb to use with seafood dishes.


Dill has a single tap root and long hollow stalks that produce feathery blue green leaves that branch at the top to bear 15cm wide clusters of yellow flowers in summer. The leaves have a pronounced tang and along with the seeds are used in a variety of dishes.

Annual. H:1m W:0.5m. 12cm, 17cm.



In the garden

Growth Characteristics:
• Native to Eurasia,
• Annual, Frost tolerant.

•± 1m; Spread: ±60 cm.

• Full sun; Well drained, composted soil.

• Pick fresh leaves and flowers throughout the year.

Companion Planting:
• Vegetables: Plant with Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Onions,
• Do not plant with: Tomato, Fennel,
• Attracting Beneficial insects: The flowers attract many beneficial insects such as tiny wasps and flies that prey on aphids.



Uses for Dill leaves, flowers and seed:
• Sprinkle over steamed vegetables,
• Cabbage, Potatoes, Potato salad, Green Salads, Rice,
• Apple pies, Biscuits, Breads, Cakes, Cheese, Cream cheese, Curries, Eggs, Herb Butters, Pickles, Salad dressing, Soups, Sauces, Vinegars,
• Fish, Lamb, Salmon, Shellfish, Grilled meats,
• The fresh leaves deliver much more flavour than dried leaves.


Cosmetic use:

• Crush and infuse the seed as a nail strengthening bath.


Heath benefits:

Dill may be beneficial in the following cases:
• To increase breast milk in nursing mothers,
• Bad breath,
• Use in a salt-free diet as it is rich in mineral salts.

Sensory System
• Eyes : Macular Degeneration - High in the Carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, that is beneficial for MD.

Nervous System
• Insomnia.

Digestive system
• Soothing digestive, antispasmodic, Flatulence, Infant's colic, Ulcers,
• Scientists found that dill inhibits the secretion of stomach acids in mice, and may help protect a raptured stomach lining from irritants.

Preparation and dosage:
• Half - 1 teaspoon bruised seeds in each cup of boiling water, infuse for 10 minutes, when necessary,
• Dose:
• Babies: 2,3 or more teaspoons,
• Older children: Half a cup.


Insect repellant

Repellant for:
• Aphids, Mites.