Do you want more natural diggers in your garden – composting and mulching will increase the natural indigenous earthworm population and will aerate the soil as they burrow through it, allowing precious oxygen and water to reach the roots of your lovingly planted herbs, veggies, flowers and shrubs.
What more can earthworms do for you: Heavy, compacted soils will become lighter as a result, allowing more room for delicate roots to grow, strengthening the entire plant. The worms will also leave nutrient-rich castings behind (their waste matter) that will revitalize the soil like no synthetic fertilizer can ever do.
Benefit the growth of your cabbages by interplanting with Sage, Rosemary and Thyme that will help to repel the cabbage butterfly. If you can’t grow it inbetween the cabbages then use the herb leaves as a mulch at the base of the plants and repeat as often as you can.

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