Echinacea 1

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An upright stem with hairy and rough texture leaves. The flowers is head-cone-shaped and is found in a variety of colors, dark purple, pale pink, yellow and white.

Perennial. H: 80cm W: spread 50cm. 12cm, 17cm.



In the garden:

Growth Characteristics:
• Perennial, Deciduous, Frost tolerant,
• The pink coneflowers give a colourful display in the garden from midsummer to early autumn and are excellent for cutting.

•±80cm; Spread: ±50cm.

• Full sun; Well drained, composted soil.

• Pick fresh leaves and flowers throughout the year,
• Lift the roots in autumn,
• Attracting Beneficial insects: Butterflies, cone provides a sturdy perch.
• Birds: will enjoy the seed if left to mature.


Culinary use:

Use fresh Echinacea flower petals with:
• Green Salads, Garnishing,


Cosmetic use:

• Use an infusion in the bath to heal and sooth the skin.


Health benefits

Echinacea flowers, leaves and roots may be beneficial in the following cases:

• Tonic, Detoxicant,
• Mouthwash in the treatment of gum and tooth infection,
• Assists in recovery from chemotherapy.

• Skin healing. As a lotion it helps septic sores, abscesses, boils, acne, eczema, shingles, and cuts, slow healing wounds,
• Helps increase the resistance of tissue to the spread of certain infections, and in conjunction with the increased presence of fibroblasts, facilitate connective tissue regeneration,
• Anti-inflammatory, Varicose ulcers.

Lymphatic System
• Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Parasiticide, Antibiotic, Lymphatic, Anti-viral,
• Immunostimulant: Build up immune system, Raises white blood cell count and increases the body's inherent powers of resistance,
• Main remedy to help the body rid itself of microbial infections, both bacterial and viral attacks,
• Chronic fatigue syndrome, Septicaemia, Chronic infections, Herpes infection.

Respiratory System
• Anti-microbial,
• Especially useful for infections of the upper respiratory tract such as laryngitis, tonsillitis, and for catarrhal conditions of the nose and sinus. Bronchitis, colds, flu,
• Mouth wash and gargle for ulcers of the tongue, mouth, gums, tonsils and throat,
• Conditions of imbalanced immunity like allergies.

Cardiovascular System
• Contains flavonoids which strengthen blood vessels and destroy free radicals.

Digestive system
• Anti-microbial,
• Gastrointestinal infection, Systemic Candida, Duodenal and gastric ulcers,
• Putrefaction and fermentation in the alimentary tract,
• Appendicitis,
• Recurrent candidiasis due to weakened immunity.

Urinary System
• Urinary tract infections.

Reproductive System
• Infection of the fallopian tubes, Vaginal candidiasis,
• A cleansing lotion for sexually transmitted infections.

Musculo / Skeletal System
• Gangrene,

Preparation and dosage:
• Infusion taken three times per day.

• As a tonic: 5ml once a day,
• Acute condition: 5ml every 2 hours until symptoms improve, then 3 times per day until no symptoms.