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Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas
Give the following some thought:
• Start planting more companion plants in your garden. Companion plants improve the growth of other plants, making them less susceptible to diseases. They attract beneficial insects and birds, keeping pests away from your edibles and ornamentals. This way you will not only be able to have a more organic garden, but you will also safe time and money by not having to apply pesticides.
• Get the compost heap going, it is easier than you think. It is the best investment that you will ever make for your gardening pleasure. There can never be too much compost in your flower beds and you will be making the first steps to find ways of recycling organic garden waste into a beneficial product instead of adding to the ever growing dumping sites. While you are at it, why not start an earthworm bin? Kids love adding the kitchen waste and watch the earthworms wriggling their way through it, not to mention the great pleasure of tapping off your own organically produced liquid fertilizer.
• Make more space for vegetables, herbs and cut flowers, but only grow those ones that you will use. Home grown herbs, vegetables and flowers will reduce your carbon footprint and will go a long way to keep everybody healthy in body, mind and spirit. You only need a spot that is exposed to a minimum of four hours direct sunlight, either in the garden or where you can group a few containers.
Read the full article in the January 2011 issue of “The Gardener” and “Die Tuinier” magazine.

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