Herb Focus – Lemon Balm

Herb focus: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
This is an amazing multipurpose herb. Besides its cleansing and tonic actions, Lemon Balm is a stress relieving herb that lifts the spirits, reduces anxiety and depression, relieves indigestion which usually accompanies stress, and is supposed to encourage a clear head.
Lemon Balm does not dry or store well so it’s best to grow your own for daily picking. It benefits from being harvested often, otherwise it can get leggy.
It is a perennial that grows easily in moist rich soil and can take filtered shade. The leaves have a light lemon scent and the flowers attract bees. Although it is a perennial, it tends to die down in winter so it’s a good idea to cut it back hard in spring to encourage new growth.

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