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Gotu Kola

The stems are slender, creeping and a green-red color. The leaves has no taste or smell. Ground cover. H: 15cm W: Indefinite. 12cm, 17cm.



In the gardern

Indigenous to South Africa

Growth Characteristics:
• Groundcover, Evergreen, Frost tolerant

±15cm; Spread: indefinite.

• Full sun to Semi-shade; Moist to wet, composted soil,
• Ideal to grow in hanging baskets due to its creeping growth habit.

• Pick fresh leaves throughout the year.


Health benefits

Gotu Kola may be beneficial in the following cases:

• Like Ginseng as a tonic for longevity (Ayarvedics) – Indian saying: "One or two leaves a day, keeps old age at bay"
• High levels of the B-complex vitamin group, especially thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), and pyridoxine (B6). Also Vit. B3; Vit. C; Vit. K,
• Also rich in vitamin K, Calcium, Iron,Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphates, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Zinc,
• Builds connective tissue – Blood, Lymphoid tissue, Cartilage, Skin
• Mouth: Canker sores (Heal wounds and promote connective tissue)

Metabolism • Improve an impaired appetite,
• Decreases fatigue, provides energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose,
• Lower body temp, Fever.

Nervous System
• Beneficial for mild depression,
• Stimulates central nervous system,
• Improves memory, learning capabilities, concentration, hyperactive kids, meditation,
• Possibly reversing some of the memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease;
• Mildly sedative (from the pair of saponin glycosides: brahmoside and brahminoside): Stress relieve, Anxiety, Trauma, Mood swings, Sleep disorder – insomnia, relaxation. It creates a state of balance, clarity, and peacefulness.

Endocrine System
• Strengthens Adrenals,
• Deficient pancreatic function.

• Promotes wound healing – Skin ulcers, Surgical incisions,
• Burns (skin healing effect plus anti-microbial properties) and wounds,
• Keloids (Overgrown scar tissue),
• Topically to Psoriasis lesions may aid healing,
• Eczema (Internal and topically), Ulcers, Acne,
• Beneficial for Leprosy,
• Hair growth and treatment for baldness, nail growth.
• Stasis dermatitis and stasis ulceration (Caused by edema and lack of proper vein function – starting around ankle area)

Lymphatic System
• Anti-bacterial (asiaticoside is a triterpene glycoside classified as an anti-biotic that aids in wound healing),
• Anti-fungal,
• Anti-inflammatory (Madecassoside is another glycoside that act as a strong anti-inflammatory agent),
• Anti-allergenic,
• Strengthens the immune, improves condition of mucous membrane,
• Builds lymphoid tissue. Lymphedema (Insufficient lymph drainage) – Gotu Kola increases blood flow through the veins by enhancing the integrity of the surrounding connective tissue.
• Diuretic action also assist in cleansing lymph and detox the body in cancer situations, contains glycosides that may inhibit the growth of tumours,
• Anti-oxidant properties.

Respiratory System
• Improves condition of mucous membrane: common cold, influenza, fevers, Sore throat, Tonsillitis, swollen glands, bronchitis, whooping cough,
• Anti-allergenic, Asthma, rhinitis
• Tuberculosis.

Cardiovascular System
• Improving blood circulation (Raynaud's disease) – Circulatory disorders, blood supply to connective tissue throughout the body, especially to the skin, mucous membranes and nervous system,
• May neutralize blood acids,
• Improves strength of arteries and veins,
• Good for varicose veins – strengthens veins (Building connective tissue sheaths around veins), phlebitis, haemorrhoids, swollen legs, night-time cramps,
• Good for heart muscle function, Hypertension,
• Blood diseases, blood purifier.

Liver • Beneficial for liver function to detox and improve bile formation,
• Cirrhosis of the liver.

Digestive system
• To assist in the healing of peptic ulcers,
• Hypochloric acid (insufficient hydrochloric acid production by stomach lining),
• To expel worms,
• Diarrhoea.

Urinary System
• Diuretic (from the pair of saponin glycosides: brahmoside and brahminoside) – may neutralize blood acids,
• Kidney stones.
• Cystitis (Bladder infection)

Reproductive System
• Increase libido,
• Venereal diseases (STD), Syphilis,
• Endometriosis – reduce formation of adhesions,
• Reduces fibrocystic breasts.

Musculo / Skeletal System • Rheumatism: Connective tissue builder (Cartilage, Collagen),
• Schleroderma - a collagen disorder

Preparation and dosage:
• 2-3 cups per day.

• 2 tsp dried herb powder in a small amount of water.

• 10 ml, 2 x per day.

• May cause Dermatitis if applied topically in some people,
• Avoid during Pregnancy.

• Generally does not cause problems,
• Skin rash (dermatitis), sensitivity to sunlight and headaches are rare side effects – if experiencing these symptoms, reduce the dosage or stop using the herb.