Herb Cream

• Fresh Herbs from your Garden,
• Aqueous cream,
• 2 pots to create a double boiler.

Cream step 1STEP 1:
• Put some water in the bigger pot and bring it to a boil,
• Place the second, smaller pot in the water – make sure that the smaller pot is always in contact with the boiling water.



Cream step 2STEP 2:
• Empty the Aqueous cream into the smaller pot and let it “melt” to a liquid,
• Cut the herbs into small pieces and add it to the aqueous cream, make sure that all herbs are covered,
• Put the lid on and let it steep for at least 1 hour. Leave it to steep for longer if possible, even up to 3 hours.



Cream step 3STEP 3:
• Strain the aqueous cream through a strainer and cloth while warm,
• Stir the cream every 5 to 10 minutes while cooling down,
• Scoop into suitable containers when cooled.

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