Thank You.

A big thanks to everybody who visited the Herbal Happening 2015.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. It was such a lovely experience to mingle and share with fellow enthusiasts.

We are looking forward to see you all again at the next Herbal Happening that we are planning for April 2016.

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Herb Happening 2015

The Herbal Happening is making its return after 5 years due to an overwhelming request from the public to host this event and make the unique gardens available to visit. This event creates the opportunity for all people that loves gardening, herbs and vegetable growing to come together and share their passion and be inspired.

Herb Happening 2015 Intro

The Biggest Herb Event for 2015

30, 31 October & 1 November 2015

Midrand Area, Johannesburg

Herb Happening 2015 Images

What to expect:

This vast Herb Garden has been created with the express purpose to  showcase the incredible range of herbal plants that we have at our disposal. ALL the plants in this Garden, whether they are trees, shrubs, ground covers, climbers, annuals, succulents, no matter how large or small - ALL are herb plants.

Herbal plants have beneficial properties of one kind or another, which you will discover as you walk through the gardens.

This garden began its life 10 years ago. Each year a new section has been added. It is estimated that it now contains over 450 types of herb plants.
There is no other garden of its kind like this in Southern Africa - a true botanic gem nestled in the heart of Gauteng.

Herb Happening MapClick on image for a close up view.


Indigenous Herb Garden

The South African indigenous medicinal Herb Garden. Many of our medicinal plants are common garden plants.

Spiral Herb Garden

The Sensory, Spiral Labyrinth Herb Garden. A spectacular walk through herbal plants and trees with foliage or blossoms planted according to the colours of the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white.

Patio Herb Garden

The Patio Herb Garden.
Showing how herbs make colourful, attractive & useful potted plants.

Rose Garden

The Scented Rose Garden.
Planted entirely with
scented roses, observe the wheels of colours of
the blooms.

Educational Gardens

Themed Herb Gardens
Herbs for Pets, Scented Herbs, Healing Herbs, Insect repellent Herbs, Companion Herbs for Veggie Gardening, Flavour Herbs for Cooking, Herbs for Teas

Lavender Lane

The Lavender Lane Garden
Showcasing a range of the more successful Lavenders.

Herb Cafe Tree Area

Relax under the canopy of beautiful big trees while enjoying a tasty treat.

Herb Cafe Logo

Refreshments are available at The Herb Café

Tea, coffee, herb teas, cold drinks
Light meals
Cakes & snacks
Relax on the upper deck, on the lawns
or under the shady trees.

Herb Cafe Deck Area

Enjoy the upper deck area overlooking the Herbal Gardens and the greater Johannesburg in the far distance.

Herb Marquee:

Visit the Herb Marquee showcasing a selection of herbal products that are on sale as well as expert advice.

Herb Marquee

Herb Marquee

Herb Goodies

Nursery Corner

Visit the Nursery Corner for a wide variety of herb plants on sale, from the most popular to the more unusual varieties.

Nursery Corner

Nursery Corner

Nursery Corner