Herbal insecticidal spray

• A selection of Insect Repelling Herbs from your Garden,
• Container,
• Boiling Water.
• Liquid Soap.
• Spray Bottle.

Insecticidal spray step 1STEP 1:
• Shred the leaves into small pieces and place it in the container.
• Add enough boiling water to cover all the herbs.
• Cover the container with a lid.
• Let it steep for 24 hours.


Insecticidal spray step 2STEP 2:
• Strain the liquid.
• Add the remaining plantmaterial to the compost heap or use as a mulch in the garden.



Insecticidal spray step 3STEP 3:
• Add 5 drops of liquid soap per 1Liter of infusion.
• Pour into a spray bottle and spray infected plants.

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