Herbs for kidney cleanse

Herbs for Kidney cleanse
Most of the time we hear the popular trend of using liver herbs to cleanse and detox the body and not often about balancing the kidney function to maintain optimum health.
Some of the important functions of the kidneys include:
1. Eliminating by-products of protein metabolism that include ammonia and urea, which become toxic at high levels,
2. Regulating the amounts of solutes and ions in the blood which helps to control blood pH and blood volume,
3. Secretes the enzyme Renin that plays a role in regulating blood pressure,
4. Also involved in the creation of the active form of vitamin D, calcitriol,
Traditionally, herbal diuretics have been used in many conditions and may be helpful in conditions relating to high blood pressure, fluid retention, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis, urinary stones, and infections of the urinary tract like cystitis.
Parsley is an excellent diuretic and as such it is used for oedema and urinary stones. It is believed to increase the elimination of waste products like urea, and other acidic metabolites, and thus used for gout and arthritis. Parsley should not be used in pregnancy, nor is it recommended in painful menstrual periods. It is fine for nursing mothers, however, and is believed to encourage milk production. Fresh parsley is very nutritious.
Fennel as a diuretic herb may increase the expulsion of urine or a build up of fluid retention in the body. The leaves or the seeds can be used to make a pleasant-tasting herbal tea.
Yarrow‘s diuretic action may assist in the elimination of fluid and toxins from the system via the urine. Yarrow may also be beneficial in conditions such as cystitis, irritable bladder, stones, and gravel.
These herbs can either be taken as a tea as singles or in combination.
The most optimum time for taking diuretic herbs are during the seven day period of the last quarter Moon phase

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