Herbs to Compliment Strawberries

Herbs to compliment Strawberries
Other than mint, as you thought, my first suggestion would be ginger. The sweet of the strawberry would work very well with the sharp bite of ginger – perhaps candied ginger with strawberries in the yogurt?
In addition to mint, you may also consider complementary herbs such as lavender, tarragon, rosemary, angelica, fennel and lemon grass.
Not an herb or a spice, per se, but balsamic vinegar is traditional with strawberries. Balsamic vinegar and black pepper intensify the flavour of strawberries and bring out their sweetness. Enjoy this with plain yogurt or cottage cheese on occasion.
Strawberries in Balsamic vinegar:
Tip: The better the quality of the balsamic vinegar and berries you use, the better this recipe will be.
• Prep Time: 5 minutes
• Total Time: 5 minutes
• 500 gr ripe strawberries, rinsed, hulled, and sliced
• 3 tablespoons sugar
• 1 1/2 tablespoons good-quality balsamic vinegar
• Freshly ground coarse black pepper
1. Place the sliced berries in a medium non-reactive bowl (such as glass).
2. Sprinkle the berries with the sugar and balsamic vinegar, and toss gently to coat. Allow the berries to macerate in the vinegar and sugar mixture for about 15 minutes.
3. Add 4 to 5 grinds of coarse black pepper to the berries, and toss to coat. Allow the flavors to blend about 5 minutes more before serving.
4. Serve the berries over salad, ice cream, or toasted pound cake. Or, try them in shortcakes, or serve in dishes with a bit of whipped cream or lightly sweetened mascarpone.
Growing strawberries is easy and rewarding as long as you make sure that they are grown in full sun, well composted soil and give them organic fertilizer every month.
You may also consider some companion plants to help improve the growth:
• Friends are beans, borage, lettuce, onions, spinach and thyme.
• Foes: Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kohlrabi.
• Allies: Borage strengthens resistance to insects and disease. Thyme, as a border, deters worms.

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