Horseradish 2

Horseradish 1


Clump forming plant with tall strong interesting leaves and white flowers in spring. The root is grated and made into a hot piquant sauce for meat.Medicinal uses.

Perennial. H:10cm H:10cm. 12cm, 17cm.



In the garden

Growth Characteristics:
• Perennial groundcover, Deciduous, Frost hardy,
• Dies back completely in winter, new growth in spring.

±40cm; Spread: ±1m.

• Full sun; Well drained, composted soil.

• The main harvest of the roots is in autumn, although fresh roots can be lifted at any time during the year when needed,
• Lifting of all the roots in autumn will also control the spread of the plant and will prevent it from becoming invasive,
• To store the harvest, the roots can be frozen for up to 6 months, made into horseradish sauce or pickled in vinegar.

Companion Planting:
• Fruits: Plant with Plum trees, Infuse and use as a Fungal spray for fruit trees,
• Vegetables: Plant with Potatoes.



Culinary use

Use Horseradish with:
• Add young leaves to salads,
• Grate the root into coleslaw, dips, pickled beetroot, cream cheese, mayonnaise and avocado fillings,
• Horseradish sauce is a popular condiment with Beef, but can also be served with Fish, Smoked or Oily fish, Chicken,
• Hard boiled Eggs, Salad dressing, Sauces, Mayonnaise ,
• Horseradish sauces may be gently warmed, but cooking destroys the volatile oils resonsible for the pungency.


Cosmetic use

• Root:
• Make a lotion by infusing grated root in milk and use it to improve skin clarity and lighten freckles


Health benefits

Horseradish root may be beneficial in the following cases:

• Appetite loss,
• Tumors (skin, internal),
• Antiseptic properties,
• Highly nutritious, containing high amounts of vitamin C and many essential minerals,
• Leaf: Chop finely into dog food to dispel worms and improve body tone.

Nervous System
• Neuralgia.

Endocrine System
• Hyperthyroidism.

Respiratory System
• Cough, Excessive Mucus,
• Respiratory infections, Influenza, Fevers,
• Sinus Problems.

Cardiovascular System
• Circulation, Edema, Chillblains.

Digestive system
• Worms,
• Stimulates the digestive process whilst easing wind and griping pains.

Urinary System
• Urinary infections.

Musculo / Skeletal System
• Rheumatic joints (poultice).

Preparation and dosage:
• 1 teaspoon grated fresh root in each cup boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes. Half-1 cup in sips, freely.

• 25g scraped fresh root to 500ml cider vinegar. 1-2 teaspoons in water for catarrh, sinusitis, poor circulation or as a male tonic.

• Avoid continuous large doses when pregnant or suffering from kidney problems.


Insect repellant

Repellant for:
• Cucumber beetle, Potato beetle.