Improve your soil

Improve your soil
The biggest secret in successful gardening?
The soil condition. The better the soil, the better the root system and then you get the best foliage, flowers and fruit! Take the time now to get the soil prepared and you will reap the rewards during the coming growing season.
Consider the following benefits of adding organic matter:
• It serves as an excellent mulch for moderating soil temperatures, keeping weeds under control and the soil evenly moist,
• Fertilize and improve soil structure at the same time by incorporating organic matter, such as compost, fish meal or aged manure that also provides a wide range of nutrients,
• Most culinary herbs grow best in well-drained soil. Whether your soil is sandy, hard clay or somewhere in between, it can always be improved by the addition of organic matter, such as dried grass clippings, shredded leaves or compost.
• Raised beds help improve soil drainage and allow for ample additions of organic matter or quality commercial garden soil. Raised beds also reduce your workload by defining your planting areas so you only water, weed and fertilize your beds and not your paths.
“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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