Life lessons in the garden

Life lessons in the garden
Gardening teaches people the art of being patient. Unlike other activities, gardening does not produce instantaneous results. As such, a person who takes up gardening must wait for their rewards.
The garden should be planned to a certain degree.
Once a basic plan has been developed, the soil needs to be prepared.
Next, the gardener will plant the seeds or plants.
But that’s not all. In order to achieve a healthy, bountiful supply of plants, the garden needs constant monitoring. Weeds must be pulled and insect activity must be curtailed. Then, one day, they’ll appear – the fruits of your labour.
Cut the flowers and vegetables, bring them inside and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that is gained from the benefit-rich activity called gardening!

Therefore, next time when life gets a bit too much, consult your garden for a bit of wisdom.

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