Lovable Lovage

Add something new and interesting to your herb collection. Lovage is easy to grow and the leaves will give you the similar flavour as celery, with an aniseed twist.

Use it creatively in the following ways:
• Casseroles: The anise, celery flavor of the lovage works really well.
• Lentils: Sweat a few leaves with onions and then let the lentils cook slowly with the lovage,
• Cream cheese: Add chopped leaves to cream cheese – this can also be used as a stuffing for chicken breasts,
• Pesto: Traditionally made with basil, but can be made with most herbs. A combination of sorrel and lovage works well,
• Pizza: Use lovage as a pizza topping,
• Fish: Excellent with fish, especially salmon,
• Salads: Add freshly chopped leaves to a variety of salads,
• Soup: Great flavour in vegetable and meat based soups where a celery and aniseed taste will compliment, especially leek and lovage soup,
• Butter: Mix freshly chopped leaves with soft butter and us it as a topping for vegetables. It is especially good with carrots

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