Nature’s cleansing Herbs

Herbs that help the liver, kidneys and skin in particular to flush away the toxins, and then build up our general level of health, perform a gentle detoxing action that helps to achieve a sense of wellbeing. They are able to do this because they are rich in easily absorbed natural mineral salts and vitamins.

Detox herbs

Many of the cleansing and healing herbs are common herbs that grow easily and aren’t hard to find.

Parsley, in addition to its tonic properties, supports the kidneys and urinary system, and so does yarrow.

Hyssop, lemon balm, yarrow, fennel, and celery can be used to strengthen the functioning of the liver and cleanse the blood. Mint also aids the digestive system as well as sage which breaks down fatty foods.

Cayenne (or any other capsicum that causes you to break a sweat) and peppermint acts as a diaphoretic that promotes perspiration, thus cleansing the skin.

Other tonic herbs are chamomile, hyssop, lemon balm, thyme, penny wort and yarrow. They revitalise the body’s organs. Both thyme and penny wort, also known as gotu kola, are both regarded as longevity herbs.

Using detox herbs

The herbs can be used as part of a special detox diet that replaces caffeine, nicotine, processed food and cool drinks with fresh fruit and vegetables, herbal teas and plenty of water. It is generally followed for a few days.

An even easier way is to incorporate these ‘detox’ herbs into your regular eating habits so that the herbal actions are ongoing.

Make a daily detox salad by using the leaves of parsley, fennel, pennywort, celery, and mint as regular ingredients in a green salad or in a mixed salad

A healing and cleansing tea can be made from any of the detox herbs. Mint, fennel, lemon balm, and lemon thyme make particularly refreshing teas.

Use two teaspoons fresh herbs per cup boiling water. To make more than one cup, place the herb or a combination of different herbs in a coffee plunger. Add the water that has just come to the boil and let it stand for 10-15 minutes before straining and drinking. Add honey to sweeten, if desired, and drink immediately.

 Another way of using detox herbs is to incorporate them in fruit drinks and ‘smoothies’. Blitz half a cup of chopped fresh fruit, such as mango or papaya, half a teaspoon of kelp powder, one tablespoon each of chopped lemon balm leaves and parsley (or penny wort), and one chopped stalk of celery in a blender. Add water or herbal tea if the mixture is too thick.


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