Oregano - Hot and Spicy

Oregano - Hot and Spicy

Oval, grey green slightly hairy leaves with clusters of small white flowers in summer. The leaves have a strong chilli flavor.

Groundcover. H:20cm W:spread

Greek Oregano

Oregano vulgare

Oval, dark green, hairy, highly aromatic leaves with clusters of small mauve flowers in summer. Strong flavor, used with meat and vegetables. Attracts butterflies.

Groundcover. H:10cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.

Golden Oregano

Oregano Golden

Oval, cream and green, hairy, aromatic leaves with clusters of small pink flowers in summer. Strong flavor, used with meat and vegetables. Great ground cover for contrast planting.

Groundcover. H:10cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.

Oregano - Golden Upright

Oregano - Golden upright

Striking golden foliage that add interest and colour to the herb garden. Ideal for container gardening or as a contrast plant. Strong Oregano flavor.

Groundcover. H:30cm W:30cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Oregano - Country Cream

Oregano - Country cream

Oval, cream and green, hairy, aromatic leaves with clusters tiny of small pink flowers in summer. Strong flavor, used with meat and vegetables. Great groundcover for contrast planting.

Groundcover. H:10cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.



 Oregano Oil

Oregano - Oregano Oil

Oregano contains chemicals that can be beneficial to your health. The leaf is used to make an Essential oil to fight infection, protection against organisms, fight aging, assist in weight loss and to prevent winter colds.



In the garden:

Growth Characteristics:

•Evergreen, Frost hardy.

•± 25cm; Spread: ±30cm.

Oregano Varieties:
• Greek Oregano (Oregano vulgare):
•Excellent culinary herb,
•Dark green leaves with white flowers.

• Hot-and-Spicy Oregano:
•Great oregano taste with a hot chillie combination,
•Great addition to any dish.

• Variegated Oregano (O. vulgare "Country Cream") :
•Green and white foliage,
•Decorative groundcover that can be used in cooking.

• Golden Oregano (O. vulgare "Aureum"):
•Beautifull yellow leaves make it a very decorative groundcover among other herbs,
•Mild Oregano taste make it suitable for a wide range of dishes.

• Full sun; Well drained, composted soil.

• Pick fresh leaves throughout the year.

Companion Planting:
•Plant with Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Peppers,


Culinary use:

Use Oregano leaves and flowers with:
• Tomatoes, Chillies, Garlic, Onions, Olives,
• Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pork, Veal,
• Butters, Cheese, Eggs, Soups, Stews, Vinegars,
• Greek dishes, Italian dishes, Mexican dishes.



• A pungently aromatic, warming herb.
• Use in Potpurri and Pillows.


Cosmetic use:

• Infuse for a relaxing bath and as a hair conditioner.


Health benefits:

Oregano may be beneficial in the following cases:

• Natural antibiotic, antimicrobial,
• Contains Rosmarinic acid: antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Antiseptic: Treatment of mouth conditions, as a mouth was for inflammations of the mouth and throat,
• Headaches: especially when due to tension, may be relieved by a tea or by rubbing the forehead and temples with oil,
• Modest anticancer activity.

• Anti-bacterial (Natural antibiotic),
• Externally for infected cuts and wounds.

Lymphatic System
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans.
• Strengthen immune due to antimicrobial properties.

Respiratory System
• Diaphoretic combined with expectorant properties: Coughs, Colds and Influenza, Minor feverish illneses,
• Topical for Bronchitis, asthma.

Digestive system
• Carminative, Indigestion, Flatulence, Stomach upsets,
• Antimicrobial: Candida albicans.

Reproductive System
• Painful menstruation, Stimulates menstrual flow.

Musculo / Skeletal System
• Infused oil can be applied externally for rheumatic complaints, arthritis and muscular pain.

Preparation and dosage:
• Leaves and flowers.

• Drink three times per day,
• Also use as mouthwash.

• 1-2 ml three times a day.

• Do not use during pregnancy.


Repellant for:

• Cucumber beetle, Squash bug.