Organic Fertilizer

A balanced supply of nutrients are critical for healthy herbs and vegetables. Plants grow strong, more resistant to fungal diseases, more able to handle environmental stress as well as being more tasty and high in essential oils. The most important benefit is that you get more beneficial plant based nutrients absorbed into your body to promote better physical health.
Organic fertilizer is slow-releasing and available to the plant for an extended period. Add a balanced organic fertilizer such as a “6:3:4” (N:P:K) that will ensure sufficient growth of roots (“P” – phosphates) and foliage (N – nitrogen) as well as flowers and fruits (K – potassium). Potassium (K) also plays an important role in making the plant more resistant to fungal diseases.
The joy about organic fertilizer is that you also add micro-nutrients at the same time. The plant requires less of these nutrients for optimal growth, but they are still essential.
Add fertilizer when planting and then at least once every 2 months, especially during the active growing season in spring and summer.
Herbs and vegetables in containers need fertilizer at least once a month according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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