Salad Burnett

Salad Burnett
Salad burnet is an interesting herb to grow in your herb garden with its fern-like leaves, but even more importantly it’s an easy to grow, useful herb. Its leaves taste much like cucumber, and can be used whole in salads or chopped into soups and other dishes.
Burnet does not dry well, but you can freeze it or use it in your herb vinegar mixtures. It has an excellent flavour for vinegars that you use in salad dressings! The tender leaves can be used in dips, with fish, or in tea sandwiches.
Herb Vinegar for Dressings
Combine two sprigs each of oregano, salad burnet, thyme, and parsley. Add five to six stems of chives (the blooms are nice too if it’s that time of year). Place these in a quart jar and pour the vinegar over the herbs until almost full. Place the lid on and allow to sit for 3-4 weeks. Strain and use on fish and in salad dressings.
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