Previous Events and Workshops

Herbal Workshop - Home-Made Herbal Remedies
On a very cold 25 July 2015 our herb lovers did't get cold feet and joined a very interesting workshop on how to:

- Use herbs to make herbal remedies that can help in reducing pain and inflammation, relaxing muscles, detoxifying the body and speeding up the rate of healing

Herbal Workshop - Treat Winter Ailments
On the 27 June 2015 we had our second very successful Herbal Workshop where:

- The students learned how to use herbs in different ways to Treat Winter Ailments
- Using herbs to make infusions, chest rubs and balms

Herbal Workshop - Your Kitchen - Winter Herb Booster
On the 30 May 2015 we had a Herbal workshop where the students learned:

- Boost your immune system with what you have in your kitchen.
- Discover how to use antiviral herbs, the simple trinity herbs and spices.
- Make remedies for yourself , family and friends

Event -  Walk and Talk

On 21 April 2015 the 'Vroue Landbou Unie' visited The Herb Farm. On this perfect sunny day all the ladies enjoyed a walk and talk through our Herb Spiral garden and had the opportunity to view and experience all the other herb gardens as well as our brand new Rose Garden.