Bay Leaf

A Mediterranean herb that is inextricably linked to our diverse and colourful culinary tradition is the bay leaf. What would Malay food be without bay leaves, especially bobotie? Or venison, for that matter? Whether it is game or beef, bay adds a deep, spicy note to slow cooked red meat dishes as well as to […]

Herbs For Autumn Allergies

Herbs for autumn allergies Autumn is the season of allergies, with its abundance of pollen, dust and seed. While the “fruits” of the garden can make us miserable, there are also plants that offer a solution for the ills. Natures supplies what you need, when you need it. Common garden herbs like thyme, sage and […]

Herb Garden For Happy Pets

Herb garden for happy pets – July Herbs are just as beneficial for animals as they are for people. There are herbs that act as tonics, keep the skin healthy, repel fleas, aid digestion, get rid of worms and even give them a ‘high’, like catnip and cat mint! Cats and dogs not only share […]



Mulching Mulching your flower beds with grass clippings is a great way to practise recycling in your garden and reusing all those nutrients that is now available in the foliage. Remember not to make it thicker than 2cm, otherwise it compacts and becomes slimy. If you have already done some grass clippings in one area […]


Ideas to go Organic in Your Garden

Some ideas to go organic in your garden: • Play to your garden’s strength, making the most of its particular characteristics and using plants that will thrive in those conditions, • Make compost and leaf mould to feed the soil, • Learn to distinguish pests from predators. Plants that are struggling to grow will benefit […]



Earthworms Do you want more natural diggers in your garden – composting and mulching will increase the natural indigenous earthworm population and will aerate the soil as they burrow through it, allowing precious oxygen and water to reach the roots of your lovingly planted herbs, veggies, flowers and shrubs. What more can earthworms do for […]



Bergamot Bergamot is what makes a cup of Earl Grey tea so enjoyable. Bergamot has been documented as a useful and healing plant since the 12th century in Europe. It has been used for treating fever and intestinal worms, as a disinfectant, an antidepressant, to reduce anxiety by calming the nervous system, flu, fevers and […]


Get your kids involved in the garden

Get your kids involved in the garden! Summer holiday is just around the corner and a good time to get the kids involved in their own veggie patch with sweetcorn, beans, peas and cherry tomatoes. Do a chess board pattern with blocks 30cm x 30cm and plant one plant in every “white” square, using the […]


Herbs after Full Moon

Herbs after Full Moon – Immune Support The 7 day period after Full Moon is ideal to take herbs that will balance and improve the function of the immune system. The waning period resembles the closing down period, protecting and strengthening the body as it enters the resting period. Beneficial herbs to take include Echinacea, […]