Cooling Mint

It has been used by all the ancient civilizations; by the Egyptians and Greeks as an aromatic bathing herb, as an appetite stimulant by the Romans, who also used it to flavour wine and sauces and as a strewing herb in medieval homes. Throughout the Middle East mint it is a symbol of hospitality. In […]

Herbal Hair Rinses

Do we have to use shampoo? No! Shampoo often contains sodium, synthetic fragrances and other harsh chemicals. Instead of using  shampoo and conditioner you can make your own Herbal hair rinse from your kitchen and garden Herbs. For more healthier looking hair replace your shampoo with a herbal rinse once a week. Rose – Chamomile […]


Rosemary It is no exaggeration to describe rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) as a ‘complete’ herb. It imparts a delicious flavour and aroma to food. It is a healing herb for body and soul, a beauty herb for hair and a fragrant air freshener for the home. To top it all, it is a versatile garden plant […]


In winter Calendula officinalis rubs shoulders with pansies, petunias, and violas on the seedling rack in garden centres. That’s because they are sold as bedding plants; easy growing, colourful and pickable. Their rightful place is actually on the herb rack. Calendula has serious flower power in its petals! Their key actions, according to herbal references, […]


A little Chillie is good for you

A Little Chilli is Good for You During the second quarter Lunar Phase, include some stimulating Chillies in your diet. Sprinkle them chopped on salads, pastas and for some hot and spicy dips for raw vegetables. Chillies increases circulation and the metabolism and may help to reduces pain. It also stimulates the brain to excrete […]


Improve your soil

Improve your soil The biggest secret in successful gardening? The soil condition. The better the soil, the better the root system and then you get the best foliage, flowers and fruit! Take the time now to get the soil prepared and you will reap the rewards during the coming growing season. Consider the following benefits […]

Mom and child

Benefits of Gardening for Your Children

Benefits of Gardening for Your Children Gardening is far more than just having a lovely space or growing your own edible landscape. A children’s gardening program has highlighted the following benefits: • Increased self-esteem, • Helped students develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, • Helped foster relationships with family members, and • Increased parental […]


Benefits of gardening

Benefits of Gardening Celebrate World Environment Day  by reflecting on the benefits of gardening: • The relationship that develops, between plants, and people, and the basic human need of watching things grow, creates a sense of excitement. In many cases it becomes a source of therapy for people with emotional problems. • Growing your own […]

veg basket

Gardening is Value for Money

Gardening is Value for Money • When you consider the benefits of gardening, giving us a space of beauty and inspiration, reducing stress and improving overall well being, its popularity comes as no surprise. • Even more so when you consider that you can add plants to your collection that has the same value as […]