Winter Edible Flowers

Winter edible flowers There is a simple antidote for the winter blues. Use edible flowers in salads, snacks and desserts as a colourful and tasty ingredient. Do’s and don’ts As with vegetables and herbs, don’t use pesticides or else use products labelled for edible crops, making sure you observe the safety period. Pick the flowers […]

Oriental greens

Oriental greens When there is not much green stuff in winter, Oriental greens step in and fill the gap very nicely. The leaves have a mustard tang, to a greater or lesser degree, and can be used in salads, on sandwiches, in stir fries and soups. Plant in a position that receives winter sun and […]


Horseradish  Its root is the most valued part and this is harvested when the plant dies down in autumn. The pungent horseradish sauce that delivers a kick to salads, sauces, mustard and even mayonnaise, is made from the grated raw root. The ground root also has many healing actions; as a mild antibiotic, expectorant and […]

The Power Of Parsley

The power of parsley If a herb can be described as humble, then parsley fits the bill. This underrated herb is usually part of every herb garden but is often only used as a garnish. To give parsley its due here are 10 ways to use it – in addition to its ability to pretty-up […]

Lemon Flavoured herbs

Lemon flavoured herbs Only a hint of lemon is needed to add zest to food and enhance delicate flavours. While lemony herbs have a more subtle taste compared to pure lemon juice they are just as useful as a natural flavouring. Lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, and lemon thyme can be used in salads […]

Herb infused oil

Ingredients: • Grapeseed Oil / Avocado Oil / Coconut Oil / Almond Oil / Olive Oil • 2 pots to make a Double Boiler. • A selection of fresh herbs from the garden. • A strainer and cloth (Muslin; Easy Wipes etc). • Glass bottle. STEP 1: Double Boiler • Bring the water in the […]


A little Chillie is good for you

A Little Chilli is Good for You During the second quarter Lunar Phase, include some stimulating Chillies in your diet. Sprinkle them chopped on salads, pastas and for some hot and spicy dips for raw vegetables. Chillies increases circulation and the metabolism and may help to reduces pain. It also stimulates the brain to excrete […]


Borage in the kitchen

Borage in the kitchen Borage, long known for its medicinal uses and culinary capabilities, is an herb rich in history and tradition. Pliny the Elder, in his works Historia Naturalis, said that borage worked well as an antidepressant, and said it had the ability to “maketh a man merry and joyfull”. Borage is noted for […]


Salad Burnett

Salad Burnett Salad burnet is an interesting herb to grow in your herb garden with its fern-like leaves, but even more importantly it’s an easy to grow, useful herb. Its leaves taste much like cucumber, and can be used whole in salads or chopped into soups and other dishes. Burnet does not dry well, but […]


Herbs to Compliment Strawberries

Herbs to compliment Strawberries Other than mint, as you thought, my first suggestion would be ginger. The sweet of the strawberry would work very well with the sharp bite of ginger – perhaps candied ginger with strawberries in the yogurt? In addition to mint, you may also consider complementary herbs such as lavender, tarragon, rosemary, […]