Vietnamese Coriander

Vietnamese Coriander Vietnamese coriander is one of those numerous herbs that give Vietnamese cuisine its unique touch. The herb is, though, also used outside of Vietnam. It appears in Malaysian recipes and is quite typical of the Singa¬porean cuisine. A typical South Vietnamese noodle soup is based on broth (often from chicken, pork or fish, […]


Improve your soil

Improve your soil The biggest secret in successful gardening? The soil condition. The better the soil, the better the root system and then you get the best foliage, flowers and fruit! Take the time now to get the soil prepared and you will reap the rewards during the coming growing season. Consider the following benefits […]


Growing Healthy Herbs

Growing healthy herbs To grow herbs successfully , in the garden and in containers , there are three points to attend to: 1. A Sunny position, 2. Well drained, composted soil, 3. Organic fertiliser. The aim of giving the correct growing conditions is to produce a plant that is: • More resistant to fungal diseases […]


Bloody Sorrel

Bloody Sorrel Aptly named bloody dock for its distinctive red veins, this herbaceous plant originates in the Mediterranean. It is a culinary and pot herb as well as an apothecary’s medicinal. The flowers once mature are used in dried flower arranging. Like other perennial sorrels, it has a tangy, acidic taste that many good cooks […]


Lovable Lovage

Add something new and interesting to your herb collection. Lovage is easy to grow and the leaves will give you the similar flavour as celery, with an aniseed twist. Use it creatively in the following ways: • Casseroles: The anise, celery flavor of the lovage works really well. • Lentils: Sweat a few leaves with […]