Herb Cream

Ingredients: • Fresh Herbs from your Garden, • Aqueous cream, • 2 pots to create a double boiler. STEP 1: • Put some water in the bigger pot and bring it to a boil, • Place the second, smaller pot in the water – make sure that the smaller pot is always in contact with […]

Adding herbs to pet’s food

We should never forget that the ancestors of our domesticated dogs and cats were wild animals who were capable of looking after themselves very successfully. For centuries man has tamed and enjoyed the company of these animals for pure pleasure – 6,000 years ago the Egyptians regarded cats as sacred beings. Both cats and dogs […]

The best flowering herbs

The best flowering herbs Herb flowers are generally small and delicate and that is their charm. Yet they still make a show when plants are massed in the garden or blooms are cut and bunched with other flowers for natural looking flower arrangements. Herbal fragrances tend to be aromatic and this makes them useful for […]

Braai Herbs

Braai herbs Blurb: We love braai’s but they can become bland….the same old, same old. Add herbs (to everything) for the best braai on the block Herb marinades and rubs Rosemary – two tablespoons of fresh rosemary or two large sprigs, half a cup of lemon juice, an eighth of a cup of olive oil […]

How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea

You can use different teas to make the perfect cup of tea according to your needs                                                  Ingredients: • Finely cut Fresh or Dried Herbs from your Garden, • A Plunger • Boiling Water     STEP 1: • Use a total of • 1 teaspoon dried […]


Grouping herbs according to water requirements

Grouping herbs according to water requirements Group your herbs together according to their water requirements to minimize the need to water all the time and to improve their growing conditions. Herbs that require less water and can grow in full sun include: lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and bay leaf. These are woody, hardier plants. Herbs […]


Colds and Flu

Colds and Flu The time to treat a cold is when you don’t have it! Prevention is always better than cure. However the same herbs that keep colds and flu at bay, will also help you get rid of it faster. Sage is a traditional remedy of long standing for soothing sore throats as it […]


Cooking with Herbs

Cooking with herbs Herbs should never overpower a dish but just add subtle flavour. Use sparingly and let the flavour develop so that you can increase the amount later. Two tablespoons of fresh herbs is equivalent to one teaspoon of dried herbs. Not all herbs go together. Combine herbs according to how their tastes harmonise […]


The right time to add herbs

The right time to add herbs Herbs vary in terms of when they can be added to a dish. Some herbs like bay, thyme or oregano can be added at the beginning of the cooking process and they will flavour the whole dish. Others like parsley, chervil and basil should only be added at the […]


Herbs to Compliment Strawberries

Herbs to compliment Strawberries Other than mint, as you thought, my first suggestion would be ginger. The sweet of the strawberry would work very well with the sharp bite of ginger – perhaps candied ginger with strawberries in the yogurt? In addition to mint, you may also consider complementary herbs such as lavender, tarragon, rosemary, […]