Herbal Home Spa

Bathing by candlelight in a scented bath is still one of the most romantic ways to relax. The natural way to do it is with fragrant herbs that soothe away the stress. Herbal baths combine the therapeutic effects of water and the particular actions of herbs. Warm water quietens and soothes the body, slowing down […]


Thyme to clean the home

Thyme to clean the home Use fresh thyme from your garden and follow this easy recipe to have an effective herbal cleanser. Using lemon thyme will add a fresh, clean fragrance. • 2 1/2 cups water • 1 handful thyme (fresh or dried) • Vinegar • Liquid soap Boil water, add thyme. Simmer for an […]


Herbal Dryer Sachets

Herbal Dryer Sachets Dryer sachets are sealed fabric pouches filled with dried herbs and flowers and scented with essential oils that you throw in the dryer with each load. The heat and movement from the dryer releases the fragrances from the herbs and oils, leaving leaves your clothes with a lasting, gentle aroma. Dryer sachets […]


Herbs after Full Moon

Herbs after Full Moon – Immune Support The 7 day period after Full Moon is ideal to take herbs that will balance and improve the function of the immune system. The waning period resembles the closing down period, protecting and strengthening the body as it enters the resting period. Beneficial herbs to take include Echinacea, […]