Herbal insecticidal spray

Ingredients: • A selection of Insect Repelling Herbs from your Garden, • Container, • Boiling Water. • Liquid Soap. • Spray Bottle. STEP 1: • Shred the leaves into small pieces and place it in the container. • Add enough boiling water to cover all the herbs. • Cover the container with a lid. • […]

Herbal bath smoothie

Herbal bath smoothy Ingredients: • Fresh Herbs from your Garden, • Liquidizer / Blender • Water • Oil such as Grapeseed oil / Olive oil / Avocado oil • Coarse Sea salt • Strainer and Cloth, • A piece of String, • A glass container for storage STEP 1: • Pick fresh herbs that is […]

Natural mosquito and insect repellent oil

Natural mosquito and insect repellent oil • 3 cups vegetable oil, • 1 cup of finely cut fresh Citronella leaves / ½ cup dried herbs. • 1 cup of finely cut fresh Rose Geranium leaves / ½ cup dried herbs. • 1 cup of finely cut fresh Southernwood leaves / ½ cup dried herbs. 1. […]


Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of the water and fat soluble constituents of plants to preserve their vital properties. They last up to 2 years stored in a cool dark place, is easy to dispense and to take with when traveling. Materials • Herb material, fresh or dried. • Vodka OR Apple Cider vinegar. • […]

Herbal Vinegar

Herbal Vinegar Making a batch of vinegar infused with delicious fresh herbs is simple following the directions below. Flavoured vinegar can be a great gift idea for holidays or birthdays, and even as a hostess gift at gatherings. It can also be great to cook with at home and will taste fresher than the store […]

Herb infused oil

Ingredients: • Grapeseed Oil / Avocado Oil / Coconut Oil / Almond Oil / Olive Oil • 2 pots to make a Double Boiler. • A selection of fresh herbs from the garden. • A strainer and cloth (Muslin; Easy Wipes etc). • Glass bottle. STEP 1: Double Boiler • Bring the water in the […]

Herb Cream

Ingredients: • Fresh Herbs from your Garden, • Aqueous cream, • 2 pots to create a double boiler. STEP 1: • Put some water in the bigger pot and bring it to a boil, • Place the second, smaller pot in the water – make sure that the smaller pot is always in contact with […]

Adding herbs to pet’s food

We should never forget that the ancestors of our domesticated dogs and cats were wild animals who were capable of looking after themselves very successfully. For centuries man has tamed and enjoyed the company of these animals for pure pleasure – 6,000 years ago the Egyptians regarded cats as sacred beings. Both cats and dogs […]

How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea

You can use different teas to make the perfect cup of tea according to your needs                                                  Ingredients: • Finely cut Fresh or Dried Herbs from your Garden, • A Plunger • Boiling Water     STEP 1: • Use a total of • 1 teaspoon dried […]