Herbal foot soak

How often do you take time out to pamper your hot, achy and tired feet? Easy to do and highly rewarding, this is what you will need: • About 10 litres of hot water – not boiling, you must be able to comfortably keep your feet in it, • ½ cup Epson Salts, • A […]


Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Butterflies prefer plants with strong smells, bright colours and flowers that provide easy landing sites. Planting groups of flowers rather than single plants will attract more butterflies. Herbs that will attract butterflies include Bulbinella, Cleveland Sage, Pineapple Sage, Russian Sage, Catmint, Lavender, Rosemary and Borage. Acres of land are not necessary for a […]


Herbal foot soak

Herbal foot soak If you feel run down and tired, give yourself a treat with a herbal foot soak. It is easy and quick to prepare with beneficial results. Enjoy a cup of your favourite herbal tea while you are soaking your feet to get double the value from your pampering time. • 4 cups […]


Aromatherapy from the garden

Aromatherapy from the garden Take a stroll through your herb garden, touch and smell the herbs for a natural balancing and de-stress affect after a tough day. As you walk through the garden, pick some of the herbs which fragrance you feel attracted to and place it in a small stringed bag. Later in the […]