A step in Thyme

Most gardens have a pathway and generally we think of it as being necessary to get us from one area to another. But, what if that pathway was also a fragrant, sensory experience every time we walked along it? A perfumed pathway that is easy to maintain can be created with varieties of creeping thyme. […]

Home Made Herb Napkins

From your garden to your Christmas table What you will need: Longest sprigs of herbs you can find Wire Method: Link the top and bottom end of 2 sprigs Wrap around your napkin and secure with a wire You can use Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender

More Thyme

Thyme is a fragrant, small-leafed, woody-stemmed culinary herb that is used frequently in Mediterranean, Italian and Proven├žal French cuisines. It pairs well with lamb and tomatoes, and is often used in soups, stews, stocks and sauces. Lemon thyme is highly aromatic and the lemon flavour goes well with chicken and fish dishes. Whole sprigs of […]