Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel Bronze Fennel: One of the most attractive herbs with its soft wispy leaves and unique bronze colour that adds a lot of visual interest in the garden. Growing up to 1.8m high and 1m wide it makes the perfect backdrop for cottage gardens. With the same sweet liquorice flavour as Sweet Fennel, Bronze […]


Vietnamese Coriander

Vietnamese Coriander Vietnamese coriander is one of those numerous herbs that give Vietnamese cuisine its unique touch. The herb is, though, also used outside of Vietnam. It appears in Malaysian recipes and is quite typical of the Singa¬¨porean cuisine. A typical South Vietnamese noodle soup is based on broth (often from chicken, pork or fish, […]


Why do you Garden?

Why do you Garden? A lovely article on gardening by Nikki Phipps: You see them everywhere you look, each having its own unique appearance-gardens. You also see numerous books, Web sites, and other gardening resources filled with all the ins and outs and how-to of gardening. But seldom do you ever see anything about why […]