Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of the water and fat soluble constituents of plants to preserve their vital properties.
They last up to 2 years stored in a cool dark place, is easy to dispense and to take with when traveling.

• Herb material, fresh or dried.
• Vodka OR Apple Cider vinegar.
• Glass container with lid.
• Label and pen.
• Strainer, Muslin or other suitable cloth.
• Dark glass bottle with screw-top.

NB: Only use one type of herb per tincture, don’t mix different herbs together in one bottle.
Tincture step 1Step 1
• Put 240g , finely chopped fresh herbs from your garden, OR
• 120g of finely chopped or ground dried herbs , into a glass container that can be tightly closed.
• Pour 500ml Vodka OR Apple Cider vinegar on the herbs and then close the container tightly.
• Ensure that all the plantmaterial is covered, add a bit more Vodka if necessary.
• Put a label on the bottle with the Name of the Herb and the date of preparation!
• Keep the container in a warm place, away from direct sunlight, for two weeks and shake it well every day.

Tincture step 2Step 2
After two weeks:
• Strain the mixture through a muslin cloth.
• Wring out all the liquid.
• Pour the tincture into a dark bottle and keep in the cupboard.
• Put a label on the bottle with the Name of the Herb and the date of preparation!
• Tinctures are diluted in water (±125 ml) when used.
• See individual herb factsheets for recommended dosage.

If you want to use different tinctures together for a specific ailment:
• Make a selection of 3 – 5 herbal tinctures to use that relate to your condition.

(do not put every single herb that you know into a mixture, if you select more than 5 you must re-evaluate your selection and narrow it down!!!)
• Take equal quantity of each individual tincture and mix it together in a seperate bottle,
• Label it for its specific use,
• Write on it the combination of herbs for easy reference in the future, and the date

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