Red cherry tomato

Red cherry tomato

Red cherry tomato

Tomato – Red cherry

High yielding varieties with good fruit flavor and exceptional colour and firmness. Bears the first flush of fruit in spring and is seldom without fruit all summer long. The fruit is high in vitamins and minerals.



In the garden:

Growth characteristics:
• Annual

• H: 20cm W: spread

• Full sun
• Well-drained soil

• Harvest Cherry tomatoes once they begin to show colour, they will continue to ripen.
• If you can get close to vine-ripened the better the flavour will be.

Companion Planting:
• Grow Brinjals (eggfruit) with your tomatoes as an indicator plant. The brinjals are more sensitive than the tomatoes and will show nutrient deficiencies and pest problems first.
• If you keep the brinjals healthy, you will automatically have excellent tomato plants. This is one of the ways to make use of companion planting.


Culinary use:

Red Cherry Tomatoes can be used fresh or cooked:
• Salads, garnish, stews, pasta dishes, sandwiches, kebabs, breakfast,
• Muffins jam


Health benefits:

Tomato may be beneficial to the following cases:
• General: Vitamin A, C, K, Antioxidant, lowers blood pressure