Tropical Fragrance

Tropical Fragrance
Be swept away to sunny beaches, tropical palms and sweet pineapple drinks when you enjoy the intense fragrance of the Passion Fruit Daisy, Pineapple Mint and Pineapple Sage.
Pick a few fresh leaves of each herb and mix it all together in a bowl to create a natural air freshener. When you remember, crush the leaves and remix them in the bowl to keep releasing the refreshing and uplifting fragrance.
After a couple of days, take some of the dried leaves and place it in a string bag – this makes an ideal cupboard and drawer freshener.
Another great way to enjoy it is to put the filled string bag in your car to relax and revitalize you while driving.
Keep a bag in your desk drawer at the office and when needed, squeeze the bag between your hands and deeply inhale the stimulating aroma. This will help to keep you going through tough and stress filled days.

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